DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR: hyper vigilance about sharing in an uncensored way, 20 disclaimers before you say anything, fear of causing harm and doing it wrong, fatigue from having to keep track of all the nuances, and fear of getting attacked?

Lets talk about the crunchy, self expression inhibiting, elephant in the room about "being trauma informed".

Our world has gone through so much intensely charged social pressure over a small amount of time the past 3 years,

Part of this has been that you & everyone you know was told to be, act,  and speak in certain ways.

…And that that may have had an impact on your own self expression or offerings.


As someone who teaches somatic trauma resolution techniques & how to be trauma informed - I don't think this is serving anyone.

I've never seen people authentically change from being shamed, pressured, or forced.

And to be honest I'm sick of seeing something with such a beautiful impulse behind it turn into such a debilitating topic to discuss.

So come join me in an act to dispel this fear, bring light to the unspoken, and bring presence to this elephant in the room...

I keep seeing a hidden fear BTS in online coaches & mentors:

When this topic of being inclusive + trauma informed come up do you find yourself...

Tired of walking on eggshells when heavy topics come up but really not sure how to dive deep without feeling afraid of your impact

Stuck in a fawn response - afraid to say the wrong thing & trying to make sure you account for every single person on the face of the planet when you speak

Angry, confused, and regretting looking back on the past couple years wondering if the ways you responded by telling people what they should and shouldn't do was actually integrity or just driven by reaction, fear, and pain.

Wanting to do the right thing and simultaneously highly suspicious of anything that is telling you you need to speak, act, and be a certain way.

In an entire avoidance of this conversation because it brings up way too much for you and who the hell are these people telling you what to do and how to be anyway?

Rebelling hard - wanting to drop the concept of trauma, & how to be + do things right or wrong, all together. And simultaneously knowing that even if you ignore it you're back having to face that it has an impact.

Wanting to learn about how to be trauma informed in a way that does hold truth and integrity, but feeling like there is a hyper clinical aspect to it that you just wish was more HUMAN.

... Cool. I'm here to tell you THAT MAKES SENSE. 



What if I told you there is another way to approach these topics that makes you feel... 

Empowered - Relaxed - Open - Connected - Curious - Excited - Confident - Free to Express and Inquire


I'm happy to inform you there is. And that is what I will be teaching this masterclass about. It will be a taste of how I teach trauma informed + somatic integrative trauma resolution work to coaches, therapists, and mentors.

This is not a DEI class - it is informed by studying with multiple indigenous teachers, OG somatic practitioners, and working with a multitude of people from a variety of backgrounds, races, religions, sexuality, body types, and more.

This is not a trauma informed certification - is something that will help you on the journey of being trauma informed.

This is an entry point into a way of leadership that allows you to connect with the humanity of your people more, a variety of different lived experiences, and bring an awareness to where there is BEAUTY and LOVE and CONNECTION that can happen through this way of inquiry.

...all while dispelling the fear, shame, hyper-vigilance, and blocks on everyone's throat chakra's and bodies right on this topic.




As someone who teaches trauma resolution, how to integrate being trauma informed into your work, and has been doing this stuff way before cancel culture was a thing,

I want to give you an alternative perspective about why I don't think you should want to be trauma informed:


I don’t think you should be trauma informed because you are afraid what will happen if you aren’t.

❌ I don’t think you should be trauma informed because you want the “right” things to say and the “right” ways to be.

❌ I don’t think you should be trauma informed so that a whole group mob doesn’t come after you and cancel you.

I DO think you benefit by being trauma informed because it helps you understand the people who are in your containers more deeply.

✨I DO think you being trauma informed helps create more intimacy with your people in a way that feels like their humanness is seen and embraced - as is yours.

In fact lets take the word trauma informed away…

✨I think you’d benefit knowing the feeling of being a leader who is unshakable, yet flexible and know what to do when someones triggers come up.

✨I think you’d benefit from learning how to lead in groups of people with different backgrounds, culture, and life experiences  come from.

✨I think you’d benefit from learning how to work with people who come from different countries, cultures, background, and who have different nervous systems, psyches, and emotional experiences than you do.



So.. who TF am I to be talking about this anyway?

I have had the privilege of studying trauma resolution and working with people from many different backgrounds for the past 14 years. Of that 14 years 6 of them were spent under the mentorship of multiple indigenous elders who taught about working to heal and reconnect with each other through leadership, relationship, empathy, and interconnection.

At that time there were no cancel campaigns, there was no attacking each other over who is the most socially and politically correct and who was not. And even if there was - the way these elders taught - people who are connected to the roots of wisdom and knowledge that predates the western world of academia - there would be no tolerance for attacking and policing each other as a solution.

I want to offer an antidote that is very much needed to the hyper vigilance and a new way of engaging your clients, student, friends, family, and humans in your daily life - even if you haven’t through a trauma informed.

And that is why I am offering this master class - as well as to give you a taste of what it's like to learn from me inside of my intensive containers like The Phoenix Path Institute of Transformational Arts.

(You can read my full background here)


You'll come home with practices for:
• Ways to approach unknown situations, heavy topics, and people who have differing background from you with lightness and grace.

• Somatic tracking & exploration for when certain subjects trigger you.

• Creating new patterns that lead to clarity where you once were caught in confusion

• In-the-moment practices for when you're triggered and need to find solid ground

• Live Q&A

*Lifetime replays