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The Phoenix Path Coaching Institute

Intensive training to master the art of holistic trauma informed coaching, energetic empowerment &  healing, and professional therapeutic mentorship

The Phoenix Path is a 6 month intensive training which also includes 2 in person retreats to teach you all of the fountaional skills to be a trauma informed and trauma trained coach. you will learn everything from developmental psychology, processing and breakthrough techniques, subconscious reprogramming, somatic hypnosis and trauma resolution and a WHOLE LOT MORE. You will also cultivate your presence as a practitioner so that you will be able to guide people deep with confidence and through to the other side of their transformation.


Work With Me 1:1

It's time you get yourself a Soul Advisor

This is my 1:1 High Touch Program where I will teach you how to master your mental + emotional health, relationships, lifestyle habits, childhood development patterns, insight, and create a lasting connection to your deep, sensual, radiant femininity.

This is where we optimize your life, business, and relationships by valuing, nourishing, and deeply caring for your wellbeing,


Embodied Boundaries Mastery Course

  • Feel confident in your ability to set clear boundaries for yourself and others
  • Navigate the boundaries conversation without guilt
  • Live without self sacrifice, over extending yourself, and burning out
  • Show up for yourself, delegate, communicate clearly, and be respected.
  • Stop believing your worth is in how much you give to others
  • Start knowing your true worth comes from how you treat yourself
  • Always know how to meet your needs
  • Stop getting drained by others pulling on your energy
  • Commit to yourself fully

Sensual Awakening Immersion

Come Alive with Vital Softness

Quintessence if a 3 day deep dive into the awakening the deeply nourishing, receptive, vulnerable, sensitive, and sensual parts of your feminine essence. In this immersion you receive intensive healing work to unlock your sensual receptivity from stagnation, blocks, or traumas, receive a full spectrum of techniques and exercises focused on the sensual (not sexual) healing and awakening of your body, heart, mind, and energy,


"Jessica is an incredibly healing and fiercely present woman. She has an eloquent professional intelligence, and spiritual maturity which is direct yet always makes you feel LIGHT, held, seen, understood, and SAFE. She a living embodiment of unconditional love and very grounded, clear, actionable guidance."

Aya Dunin
Birth Doula & Yogic Arts Retreat Specalist

Book a DEPTH Session

In this 2 hour deep-dive we'll look behind the curtains of what's really blocking you, & get clear, grounded, centered with your next steps to create lasting resolution.

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