I am currently an avid student, therapeutic and somatic healing practitioner, and lovingly fierce and direct mentor with a natural skill in heart based unconditional holding. I have a fiery hunger for transformation and overcoming the challenges in self mastery. I have spent the past 10 years devoted to learning, practicing, and facilitating this work.
Born into a line of western medicine doctors, my chosen field has been the inner workings of human emotions, the subconscious mind, mental health, breath work, subtle energies, and interpersonal communication, and the transformation of consciousness.
My career path started in the branch of mindfulness and alternative therapies at age 18 where I took my first extensive training in all four veins of Hypnotherapy and graduated as the youngest person to ever attend The Alchemy Institute of Hypnotherapy.
From there I studied and, for many years, taught different techniques for subconscious targeting and reprogramming of unhealthy belief systems, imprinted traumas, and underlying patterns of self sabotage. This included, but was not limited to, addiction repatterining, relationship dynamics, state change practices, breath work, nonviolent communication, anger therapies, sexual de-repression and trauma healing.
Along side this from 2012-2016 I also deeply studied shamanic practices and therapies utilizing herbs and plants to aid in healing and studied under Lakota & Shipibo and Quechua traditions to understand how such seemingly 'primitive' cultures were able to heal the body and mind more effectively then many western medicine practices.

I still study the Lakota practices to this day with some influence in my mentor of Quechua practices
In 2017, I focused my continued study at the Clairvison School of meditation & spent close to three years studying full time there. The Clairvision school is a Western Esoteric school of inner alchemy with a focus raising the voltage of consciousness through the cultivation of the subtle bodies, meditation, and IST (Inner Space Technique).
I continue to utilize this work extensively in my daily life, with clients, and in my own personal process of transformation.


"The Name is the Guest of the Substance"

~Zhuang Zi

Hi, my name is Jessica.
So far in my life I have learned that who I am is a continuously unfolding mystery to what I think. I have learned 20 times over that  what I normally think of as 'me' is a small facet of a much larger picture that I am always learning to integrate and become more of. 

I believe we all live in a small part of who we are, thinking that it is all of us.  I am invested in presencing the many facets of who I am beyond my personality while at the same time having a ton of fun in the simplicity of life.

I am endlessly curious, painfully human, and I care deeply for people and for this planet. At my core, on a very intimate level, I am driven by a seemingly unquenchable thirst for Truth and a deep hardwired belief that in our truest essence human beings are capable of wielding a Love that is stronger, more precious, and more indestructible then any power that corrupts or wounds us. The kind of capital T truth, the one that holds a lasting, untouchable, pure, timeless, and eternal integrity. So with my perfectly flawed humanness, I strive towards that ideal.

I believe in a purity that exists at the core of our hearts which has been seeded within us, that nothing  can ever take away. I believe it is made of the same intelligence that speaks through maths, starlight, and the awe of perfect silence. And this is what drives me.

On a less esoteric note, I am an introvert who like to express herself outwardly and connects to a broad level of people all ages and life paths, a natural healer and caregiver, a deep lover of nature, and believer in both unconditional love and cutting discernment in my actions and beliefs.

I am deeply feminine, soft, receptive, sensitive, and yet have a fiercely unwavering side with a strong knack for drive when I really want something. (Including my clients to really change and shift).

I often question trends, collective belief systems, and do my best to out trick my own sleep as much as possible. This involves me having ample people in my life who have greater wisdom, experience, and vision then I have yet developed.

I like when things are messy, especially within a world where photoshopped faces and bodies and emotions are the norm. I am far more interested in who you are behind what society has told you is 'ok and acceptable' for you to be.

I am, and always have been, a very sensitive creature, which I consider as one of my greatest strengths. A strength which I invest a massive amount of time in cultivating and strengthening to work for me in this brash world, instead of against me. I used to call myself a transformation junkie, and now I just see it as a deep desire to grow and transform. When a challenge presents itself in my path, especially my inner world, I am very keen to deal with and face it head on. Words like visionary, empath, mystic as suit me well as do words like skeptic, pragmatic, and grounded.

I also know the importance of being skeptical to my own skepticism. And like I said at the beginning of this, I've had too many ego deaths not to be in this kind of continuous state of self inquiry.

I come from a strong line of western medicine doctors, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

I'm a bit all over the place as far as a stereotype goes. Sometimes I listen to metal, sometimes I listen to to Vedic chanting, sometimes I like to hardcore hiphop sometimes I listen to indigenous chanting. Sometimes I listen to punk music. And ironically, for how verbose I can be, most times I would rather listen to silence then to words that have no presence or depth.


And I would much rather you be your messy, complex, beautifully imperfect human self then an image of what you think others want you to be, because it is from there that I can really give all that I have to you.


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