Work With Me
Work With Me

"She's the secret weapon I utilize to break free of all my unseen obstacles.
Because of her I am connected to the actual experience of self love and an unshakable peace, direction, and ongoing clarity."

Are you ready to stop putting yourself on the back burner, & get high quality support for your inner most self?

My personalized high touch container is ideal for scaling leaders who want to regain access to their natural feminine essence, and gain control of their energy, mental health, emotional balance, and capacity for focused, grounded clarity.

I'm honored to meet you exactly where you're at and help you re-claim the power you gave away in order to get there.

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Can You Let More In?

You are here in this life to experience your fullness.
Not just your productivity, your material success, your dominating strength, and your socially acceptable and society celebrated characters. You have a soul, a depth, and an authenticity that is far more real then any of that, and without it you will almost always feel drained, not caught up, and feel like something is missing. 

That something is you.

What if you were actually living out ideas sold to you by others?

What if there is a way to include more FLOW in your day and less coping with the stressors?

What you could let go of the anxiety, isolation, depression, lethargy, and time crunch?

And what if it didn't have to take away from what you already value, have built, and hold and in fact opened you up to more?

I can show you how.

How Sovereign Are You Quiz

Coming soon (apply to the waiting list)
See how much inner freedom you truly have and get a strategic guide to assit you in overcoming why you may be giving up your power to unseen obstacles.

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"The compassionate space Jessica holds is what I love about working with her. I feel pushed on my path by her clear vision and connection to truth. Being connected with her so intimately has opened spaces in my life for rejuvenating healing, joy, creativity, respect, truth, & an abundance of love."

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"Jessica came highly recommended to me during a potent initiation in my life, and it's no surprise. Working with her has catalyzed a deep remembrance and sense of belonging for me. Her powerful yet gentle medicine is in her intuitive ability to see into what is truly present for her clients, speaking the highest Truth into all untruths. I am humbled to walk this earth alongside her, a true Sister and priestess whose infinite gifts we are so lucky to have."

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"Jessica teaches, guides, and does her healing work with a rare, beautiful expertise  which brought so much joy to follow and to receive. From my experience being around her has been a major soul upgrade into tapping into a completely transformed state of mind."

Get a DEPTH Session

In this 2 hour deep-dive we'll look behind the curtains of what's really blocking you,
& get clear, grounded, centered with your next steps towards lasting clairity.

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"Working with Jessica has totally changed my life with her heart, dedication and endlessly giving wisdom. The way she sees you, hears you, holds you, and has a seemingly endless compassion for the human experience while also guiding you through it is a masters level ability. She can hold you in the depths of your shadow while feeling completely safe and supported in a clean container. Because of this work I have gone from my passion as a side job to a a consistently full clientele, am grounded in my gifts, joy, work, and healing abilities. I deeply trust myself and love myself in ways that I never imaged possible."

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"Jessica is an incredibly healing and fiercely present woman. She has an eloquent professional intelligence, and spiritual maturity which is direct yet always makes you feel wonderfully bright, held, seen, understood, and SAFE. She a living embodiment of unconditional love and very grounded, clear, actionable guidance."

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"Jessica is one of the few people I choose to receive healing sessions from because of her true dedication to her own inner work, impeccable discernment, and her work with student and clients.  She is able to pinpoint exact blockages with masterful skill, and has a very unique way of using language—both listening intently, and speaking with clarity. As a healing teacher, she expresses high vibrational keys, concepts, & tools as a clear channel for Source. I mean what I say here. She isn’t the woo woo you see out there. This woman is the real deal."

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