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Is it my intuition or my trigger?
Is it a projection or the truth?
Is it my trauma or am I actually feeling something?
How do I make this decision with grounded confidence?
And what if it's both - that I'm triggered but I'm also picking up on truth??

Discernment like this is a lifelong study of mine. These are all really common questions I get and have been in deep inquiry about for most of my life. I've studied in many lineages of practice to learn these differences and have a lot to give to others who are in this inquiry in their own lives.

I've helped a lot of clients navigate this territory in all kinds of realms from big business decisions, to relationship dynamics and challenges, to friendships, to life choices, to leadership and team management, to contract signing, big purchases, and much more.

If these are questions you struggle with and want grounded applicable practices to learn to cultivate your intuition, recognize the difference between an emotional reaction, projection, trauma response, and intuition, and have a pathway for when you may be feeling both triggered and truth at the same time - you'll absolutely enjoy this master class.

You'll come home with practices for:
• Intuitive cultivation that's grounded and applicable

• Somatic tracking for your own specific states

• Recognizing & rewiring different sabotaging patterns

• Creating new patterns that lead to clarity where you once were caught in confusion

• In-the-moment practices for when you're triggered and need to find solid ground

• Gaining discernment between fear, impulsiveness, excitement, and truth.

• Live Q&A

*Lifetime replays

Download this class now!!