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Through the Phoenix Path Training you will learn to

  • Coach anyone independent of niche though a transformational process with confidence and depth

  • Hold impeccable space and know how to create breakthroughs in places where people are stuck.

  • Use subconscious healing and reprogramming methods to help others change the mainframe of their internal operating systems

  • Feel confident navigating trauma, triggers, and the big emotional challenges people go through.

  • Know how to bring healing to people from all walks of life to address intergenerational, emotional, societal, sexual, and childhood traumas.

  • Learn rituals for healing to facilitate you and your clients through your journeys of healing.

  • Learn all of this while learning to give and RECEIVE this kind of transformational work along the way.

  • Gain a multifaceted toolkit for coaching work from somatic and energetic trauma healing therapies, to subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis techniques, grounded and tangible energetic work,  emotional release and reprogramming techniques, and developmental psychology and more.

Foundation Work


LENGTH: 3 months

  • In person kick off training in ATX with Jess
  • 3 - 2 Hour training call a month
  • 1 practice call/week
  • 3 Q&A calls / month
  • Personal practice groups

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Foundational Tool Set as a Trauma Informed Coach & Healing Practitioner:

What you will learn:

  • Integral trauma informed space holding
  • How to intake clients to target their underlying trauma and blocks
  • Proper edict, boundaries, and awareness in a client/practitioner dynamic
  • Embodied Integrated Leadership as a practitioner

    Coaching skills informed by:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Somatic Psychology 101
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • In-depth inner child work + developmental Psychology
  • Working with and moving through big emotions & emotional blocks
  • Cultural, Genetic, Societal, & soul levels of development & psychology
  • Emotional de-repression 101 (anger & grief work)
  • Gestalt Therapies, Character/Sub-personalities & Parts Work
  • The psychology of trauma. triggers, & emotional intelligence
  • Boundaries work
  • Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Meditation Techniques Breathwork & Energetics
  • Neuroscience

Advanced Depth Work

LENGTH: 3 months

  • 2 Hour training call/week
  • 1 practice call/week
  • Q&A call bi weekly
  • Personal practice groups
  • Ending in person retreat training with Jess

Advanced Practitioner Skill Set Development

  • Intuitive skills development in the context of healing
  • Somatic Hypnotherapy
  • Trauma Resolution 
  • Neuroscience
  • NLP techniques for emotional healing & identity shifts
  • Advanced subconscious reprogramming  techniques & energetics
  • Core belief work
  • Sexual awakening & sexual trauma resolution 101
  • Hypnosis Regression work
  • Advanced emotional de-repression
  • Masculine/Feminine energetics & frameworks

My clients have made leaps and bounds using the content in this program...

I run a multi 7 figure business that I bootstrapped from the ground up with my partner, and ended up burnt out and running from a past of abuse, abandonment, and neglect from my childhood. I was also the savior of my family and that translated in to my business in a way where we had a lot of challenges with our employees. I ended up with chronic pain that left me debilitated and unaware of how to proceed forward. From working with Jess my pain has been 90 percent better, and my ability to have communication, discernment, boundaries, and immense self respect has grown more then words can say. Working with Jess changed my life and connected my body, my words, and my mind to my soul.


As a business coach and a hardworking fake it to you make it kind of woman, boundaries literally never existed in my world until I started working with Jess. The codependent behaviors I had with my family and friends was shocking to discover while also being in my face for years, many things that were imbalanced in my life quickly became obvious after this work. I would escape into my business, ignore my body, and smoke and drink to numb out my emotions all which were telling me to PAY ATTENTION to my unmet needs. This work has changed my life and will live with me forever!


I started working with jess for relationship issues. I was "rigid" in my boundaries, which i didn't really know about until she told me. I just knew something was off. I am very independant and I see that as a strength, but I would also bottle things up and then explode when someone wasn't meeting my needs. I realized through boundaries work I actually wasn't able to express my needs because I was never shown how to. Through my own awareness of how my body would respond when  I need to speak up, I started to realize where i was capping my own self from the connection and love that I wanted but was unsure how to have. The strength to be vulnerable and honest is something I'm very grateful to learn about and now practice with those who are lucky enough to get close to me ;)


My main issue was being able to create boundaries with clients. I am a natrual healer, have been my whole life. And always in service to others. but when I started scaling my business I started getting panic attacks and huge emotional drains without understanding why. I realized I was taking on way more energy then I had before at a very accelerated speed. I didn't know how to delegate or say no. And my sessions started suffering. After working with Jess all of that changed and I am the most productive, resourced, and successful in my practice then I have ever been.


Why Go One More Day Without Healthy Boundaries?


The Program Covers Things Like:

• What a Boundary is and how it works, and how to become an energetic master of boundaries.


• Working with leaky & rigid boundaries and shadow archetypes.


•  The difference between a boundary, a request, and a wall.

• Facing and confronting subconscious beliefs and fears, anxieties, and confusion about creating and sticking to boundaries.

• How to navigate hard conversations and clarify boundaries, delegation, and needs.

• Learning how to decipher when your emotional system and your body is out of alignment with your choices, and how to bring it back into balance

  • How to create Personal & Relational Boundaries.

  • How to have boundaries as a higher achiever, entrepreneur, healing practitioner & service provider, and corporate badass.

  • Dealing with Guilt hangovers after asking for what you want.

  • Activating your voice and aligning it with you will in order to create a world that responds to you instead of takes from you.

    • How to balance personal needs, work needs, relationship needs, family needs, and self care.

• The energetic cultivation of worth, your voice, your discernment, and your will.


• A sneak peak into my CENTER course for emotional intelligence and healing.

You'll walk away knowing exactly how to:

  • Become someone that you and others have no choice but to respect
  • Create healthy boundaries in every area of your life and STICK to them
  • Cultivate your will center to know the difference between what you feel and want and what others feel and want you to do 
  • Discernment with how to use your time and energy effectivly without sabatouging your life.

• Activate your voice, and command the reality you want to create with you as the center and most important part of it.

•  Avoid burnout by knowing when and how to take care of yourself.

• How to stop being a people pleaser and start have solid, clear, and grounded self respect

• Stop trading your work your time for your worth, and start cultivating real self value and self essteme

When your desires align with your boundaries you find freedom.


Your Investment

Join today and get the entire course + future updates for life!.

The Doors to the Course Open Feb 19th

Foundations & Advanced
Paid in Full


$2,00 discount

  • COURSE 1 & 2

    LENGTH: 6 months with a 3 week break between courses

    • 2 in person week long trainings with Jess in ATX 
    • 3 - 2 Hour training call a month lead by Jess
    • 1 practice call/week
    • 3 90 minute Q&A calls / month
    • Personal practice groups
    • Course Materials & Protocols
    • Required Reading Lists


Foundations & Advanced
Payment Plan

$5,00 down + $900/month for 10 months

Top features

  • COURSE 1 & 2

    LENGTH: 6 months with a 3 week break between courses

    • 2 in person week long trainings with Jess in ATX 
    • 3 - 2 Hour training call a month lead by Jess
    • 1 practice call/week
    • 3 90 minute Q&A calls / month
    • Personal practice groups
    • Course Materials & Protocols
    • Required Reading Lists

Foundations OR Advance paid in Full


$1,000 discount

  • LENGTH: 3 months

    • In person training in ATX with Jess
    • 3 - 2 Hour training call a month
    • 1 practice call/week
    • 3 Q&A calls / month
    • Personal practice groups
    • Course materials and protocols
    • Required Reading Lists







$3000 down + $750/month for 4 months

Top features

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Why should you be learning from me?

A good question that is important to ask when getting online courses!

I have been studying, facilitating, and teaching subconscious reprogramming, self development work, energetic cultivation, meditation, conscious confrontation and communication, coaching, and trauma healing work, NLP, NVC, and many more techniques for 11 years.

As a healer and naturally empathic person self worth and boundary work is something I have had to work hard to master to make my sensitivity and healing abilities my utmost strength. 

Boundaries work is something I do with all of my 1 on 1 clients and something I have had to learn experience and avidly practice myself, from intimate relationships, to being psychologically manipulated and abused when I was younger. So not only is this something I know HOW to teach is it something I personally have had to master myself.


it's one of my favorite things to teach, and something that can make big changes quickly in personal life, professional life, and in relationships.


Leela Hummingbird

"Working with Jessica has literally changed the whole course of my life. Learning for her  in the space she creates and feeling the kinship between me and my classmates felt like such a major soul upgrade as a soul and practitioner."

Ashley KaLuna

Working with Jess has changed my life.

I am able to explore the depths of my shadow while feeling supported and held in a safe container. Through observing and reprogramming beliefs and thought forms- my psychic senses have heightened and I now can facilitate and a powerful way with others. Jess was there to walk me through it. I am so proud of the growth I’ve experienced working with her. And now have a full clientele in my healing practice.

I am grounded into my senses, my work, and my joy and healing. I have learned to trust and love myself in ways I’ve never imagined. I am so grateful for your heart, dedication and wisdom- Jess. I cherish this journey with you!

Aya Dunnin

Jessica has an eloquent professional intelligence, and spiritual maturity which is direct yet always makes you feel wonderfully bright, held, seen, understood, and SAFE. She a living embodiment of unconditional love and very grounded, clear, actionable guidance.

Elise Segal

Jessica is one of the few people I choose to receive healing sessions from because of her true dedication to her own inner work, impeccable discernment, and her work with students and clients.  She is able to pinpoint exact blockages with masterful skill, and has a very unique way of using language—both listening intently, and speaking with clarity. As a healing teacher, she expresses high vibrational keys, concepts, & tools as a clear channel for Source. I mean what I say here. She isn’t the woo woo you see out there. This woman is the real deal. She is the secret weapon to break free of all the unseen obstacles. Because of her I am connected to the actual experience of self love and an unshakable peace, direction, and clarity as a practitioner and as her client.