Sexuality is one of the most powerful healing forces on the planet, which is also why it's the most misunderstood, manipulated, blocked, suppressed, and shamed forces as well.

In a world where our sexual creative force has been stripped of it's profound healing and sacred energy, one of the most powerful things you can do is embark on the journey of reclaiming your innate Erotic Innocence and Sensual Vitality.

For many of us, our relationship with sexuality and sensuality is mixed in with fear, pain & confusion...

Entanglement and Self Sabotage

• Power struggle with partners and friends.
• Giving away power to feel 'safe'.
• Trading a part of yourself to get something.
• Using power to control others for fear of being left or taken advantage of.

Judgement and Shame

• Feeling ashamed of our desires, wantings, attractions, and pulls.
• Equating self worth with sexuality or our body image.
• Wanting partners and not knowing how to open to them when we have them.
• Comparing ourselves to porn stars and advertisements.

Disconnection and Disempowerment

• Shutting down our radiance for fear of being abused or hurt again.
• Numbing out to not feel the pain of past abuse or abandonment.
• Giving up because "I am not like those kinds of women"
• Going against our own intuition.
• Feeling empty and lacking depth or connection in our  relationships and sex lives.

I personally know this, because for many years, this was my life...


• Abusive relationships and demeaning sexual partners.

• Shame, confusion, and eventually cut off from my sexual desires.

• Being raped and contracting an STD from it when I was 17.

• Body dysmorphia, bouts of bulimia, & intense self hate from age 12.

• Self multination and suicide attempts when I was 14 and 15.

• Total loss of libido for years at a time in my 20's.

• Porn addiction from age 12 on and off through my teens.

• Disempowerment and constant comparison to other women.

• Confusion about my sexual attractions to men and women.

• Lack of boundaries & fear of asking for what I wanted & needed from my partners.

• Equating my sexual energy with my worth.

• Extremely low energy, high stress, anxiety, and consistent states of depression.

Through a relentless devotion to my heart, body, and spirit, working with integral teachers & developing my own methodology of healing,
THIS is the life I get to experience now...

•  Connection to my sexuality free from shame and dirty feelings.

• A healthy and overly abundant libido and sexual drive.

• Total freedom in my sexual expression and exploration, including asking for what I want without shame or withholding.

• A history of partnerships who honor, respect, & care deeply for me.

• Consistently clear energy and awake.

• In love with movement, exercise, and self care.

• Freedom from depression and lethargy.

• Complete reversal and curing myself from herpes contracted from the rape. (YES, this IS possible)

• Working full time as a healer, transformational guide, and empowerment catalyst for 10 years to help other women do the same.

I am living proof that you can over come any of these blocks and come out the other side with your full power and deeply connected soul imbued sexual vitality. Through in depth practice and intensive healing training I've done it with myself and I've worked with hundreds of women to do the same.


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Our Transformational Process


Choosing to dive into and be awake in the places that are the hardest to look at.


Connect with who you are beyond the confusion, disconnection, corruption, and distortion that has happened through life experience and programming.


Reclaim the birthright that you have to be in contact and connection with your natural state of being.


Utilize the enlivening, healing, and freeing energy that belongs to you and that no one has the ability to ever take from you. 

Here's a tease of what we will cover in our clean, clear & safe container of devoted women....

Sexual Trauma Healing

Be held, at your own pace and in your own time, where it hurts the most and where you are afraid to go alone by trained and practiced healers who know how to be with you an guide you through the process.

Sensual Awakening

Awaken the under utilized and often unseen intelligence inherent in sensuality that brings life, healing, and awakening to the energetic and physical bodies.

Deshaming Desire

Explore what you want, what your known and unknown desires are , and how to ask for them and get them met in a fresh light of curiosity, safety, and playfulness.

Awakening the Inner Fire

Learn to coax and feed the fire of life force, the uninhibited sexual drive that has so much more to do with feeding and inspiring LIFE and VITALITY then it does with the act of sex.

Attuning to your Sexual Intuition

Come into contact with and cultivate a connectino to your own personal unique style of sexual energy, sensual know how, and thus HEALING energy and how it expresses through you to give to yourself and others.

Healing Body Image

Learn body rituals, erotic sensual dance choreography, re-pattern inner identification mechanisms, and free yourself from feeling ashamed or plagued by the constant comparison of your own feminine form Reclaim the your temple from dysmorphia and self inflicted disempowerment and sabatouge.

Erotic Innocence

All of this work is grounded in the truth that our erotic and sensual nature and thirst for pleasure is innocent, beautiful, and pure. As we connect to this force INSIDE of ourselves and for our own healing, we discover the immense gift and fountain of power and purity that no one can take from us.

Safe, Clean, Clear holding

The importance of a clear, clean, and experienced container that targets such sensitive and vulnerable subjects is of the utmost value and unfortunately is quite rare even in spiritual circles. Come experience a clear and clear energetic space for you to safely open into and be held in as you transform.

A taste of our container

This retreat will be held at an gorgeous estate in Ojai California with a creek on property and healing natural hot springs very close by.

Schedule a free 1 on 1 call for more info

Fill out a quick form and schedule a free 1 on 1 call with me about joining us.

Sensual freedom is your birthright.

And I am devoted to creating safe, clear, and clean environments for that birthright to be claimed, embodied, and integrated in an empowered and sacred way.

"When working with Iskah I felt held in unconditional love & I felt safe with her guidance and experience. I love that she is a meticulous note taker post session, her consistent follow ups,, and her professionalism. I am confident about sharing my gifts from having received an intensive exchange with her. In the group I experienced a lot of magic and clarity as well, I highly appreciate her eloquence, intelligence, and maturity, and always feel wonderful, held, seen, understood, and SAFE with her! Iskah held my hand amidst big life changes and showed me that there was a thread for me to follow while I can be very vatta. I felt empowered by the many confirmations that I need to develop by healing arts practice. I maintained continued clarity outside our sessions as the more esoteric aspects of my growth continued to land as well."

Alecia Aya Dunin

"I have been working with Iskah on and off over the last three years. I have been blessed to experience the progression and growth in her curiosity and space holding capabilities. I was drawn to her by the level of safety my nervous system experienced when sharing vulnerably about my trauma and how it has influenced my perception, behavior and relationships. She held impeccable depth and understanding which allowed me to see my behavior from a perspective that was a bit less emotionally charged with shame and self hatred. This gave self reflection a who new meaning. I recently enrolled in her program The Sanctuary which is a year long group mentoring container exploring our sensuality and sexuality. WOW, we are a few months in and I can already feel the clarity of vision I have bee receiving from this group. I am being asked to look at parts of my sexuality and sensuality I have deemed unworthy, too much & wrong. It has been super confronting to see the ways in which I have in the past used this energy to control and get what I want AND it has been liberating to see it as well. Without sight or knowing of how your trauma influences you, the patterns continue. Now, I am choosing to see myself through the eyes of compassion and am given space to reflect and choose a new way of utilizing this energy. Iskah creates a space where gentleness and directness meet as one. She calls you in to look at yourself a bit deeper and holds and embraces the rawness of your realization. Powerful Work and I am grateful to be walking this path of vulnerability, transparency and complete ALIVENESS and feeling."

Kaluna Kaiato

"My work with Iskah has given me the tools to change my entire reality. Each session I have had with her feels directed and focused. I feel supported by the compassionate space she holds and I feel pushed on my healing path by her clear vision and connection to truth. My connection with Iskah has helped me create space in my life for joy, creativity, respect, truth, abundance, and love! I used to see a therapist and felt like my shadow work was continually brought up with no changes made. I feel safer going deep into my shadow with Iskah because each time I experience release of part of the hurtful stories that hold me back."

Sarah Orlik

"Working with Iskah has literally changed the whole course of my life. Being around her and my classmates felt like such a major soul upgrade into tapping into a completely transformed state of mind."

Leela Hummingbird

"From that first call with Iskah I knew there was an understanding. I felt seen. I felt heard. And most of all I felt inspired by her compassion and love she had for people in this process. I am so proud I made this decision to invest in myself. Working with Iskah has changed my life. I am able to explore the depths of my shadow while feeling supported and held in a safe container. Through observing and reprogramming beliefs and thought forms- my psychic senses have heightened. Iskah was there to walk me through it. I am so proud of the growth I’ve experienced working with her. (And now have a full clientele in my healing practice!). Now I am grounded into my senses, my work, and my joy and healing. I have learned to trust and love myself in ways I’ve never imagined. I am so grateful for her heart, dedication and endlessly giving wisdom. "

Ashley Luna

"Iskah is one of the few people I choose to receive healing sessions from because of her true dedication to her own inner work a nd her work with student and clients. She is able to pinpoint exact blockages with masterful skill, and has a very unique way of using language—both listening intently, and speaking with clarity. As a healing teacher, she expresses high vibrational keys, concepts, & tools as a clear channel for Source. I am beyond grateful to call her my ally, teacher, and sister!"

Elise Segil

"Iskah came highly recommended to me during a potent initiation in my life, and it's no surprise that upon first meeting her I was overcome with déjà vu. Working with Iskah has catalyzed a deep elemental remembrance and sense of belonging for me. Her powerful yet gentle medicine is in her intuitive ability to see into what is truly present for her clients, speaking the highest Truth into all untruths. I am humbled to walk this earth alongside Iskah, a true Sister and priestess whose infinite gifts we are so lucky to have."

Amelia Hall

"Your work must be shared! My labs showed NO CANCER! No FIBROIDS, NO CYSTS that were all evident prior to going in for surgery! My blood labs were immaculate!!! My body catches itself in amazement that the pain is gone and I can breathe! I know this healing of my ovaries and uterus happened through the clearing you (Iskah) did on my past sexual trauma!"

Lisa Makia

Here's Exactly What's Included.

  • Full 5 Day Retreat Immersion

  • Full Accommodations

  • Organic Meals and Tonic Herb Drinks

  • Yin Yoga and Meditation

  • Erotic Dance Classes

  • Hot tub and ritual baths

  • Natural Hot Springs and creek

  • Trained Facilitators trained in healing, transformation, and body work.

  • Natural Hot Springs and creek

  • Facilitators trained in healing, energetic acupuncture, transformational emotional sex coaching, conscious kink, and sexological body work.

Pricing Options

Full Retreat Price


One Time Payment (Save $300)

By Application Only

Payment Plan Price


3 monthly payments

By Application Only

Your Guides for the Week

Jessica Benstock

10 years of training and practice in trauma healing, energetic and somatic healing, and integrative coaching.

Trained in:
• Alchemical Hypnotherapy
• Theta Healing (Practitioner and Instructor)
• Inner Space Technique Practitioner (IST)
• Energetic Acupuncture
• Herbology
• Subtle Body Building

Erin Andrus


Erin has 23 years of training, instructing, and experience instruct training in consciousness based meditation and somatic healing techniques.

Trained in:
•Sexological Body Work & Somatic Sexual Educator
• Erotic Dance Instructor
(S Factor & Liquid Motion)
• Conscious BDSM work
• Sex and Intimacy
• Feminine and Masculine Polarity Dynamics

Alecia Aya Dunin


Aya has been practicing and studying different methodologies of healing, embodiment, dance, and movement arts for the past 8 years including...

Trained in:
•  InnerYoga Instructor (gentle active yoga, Yin yoga &  Jin Shin Jyutsu)
• Theta Healing Practitioner
• Sound Healing Practitioner 
• Shakti Yoga® & Temple Tribal Fusion® Dance
• Shamanic Healing (Flower & Gem Essences)

Schedule a free 1 on 1 call for more info

Fill out a quick form and schedule a free 1 on 1 call with me about joining us.


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