The all-in-one toolkit for seekers, coaches, & practitioners: somatic work, nervous system regulation, trigger resolution, emotional mastery, and more.

The all-in-one toolkit for seekers, coaches, & practitioners: somatic work, nervous system regulation, trigger resolution, emotional mastery, and more.

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Imagine having a sacred haven where you can find solace, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and restore balance to your life. That is exactly what CENTER was created for.

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𓇳 Welcome to CENTER 𓇳


CENTER is a self-paced home study course for practitioners, coaches, and those who seek to enhance their relationship to self. Spanning over 6 recorded modules, you will learn the foundations of self-mastery — inside, an extensive library of practices, tools, and modalities of healing will equip you to navigate your work & life with confidence.

  • Access 15+ hours of training video content, tutorials, PDFs and somatic protocols for yourself & for your client sessions.
  • Master somatic tools for emotional resolution and healing in yourself and your clients.

  • Find the modalities & tools that are the solution to your daily stress & survival patterns

  • Learn how to influence your state will, soothe, regulate & influence your nervous system for lasting peace

  • Become intimate with your own unique energetic & somatic system, and learn what tools are important supplements to your healing journey

  • “Know” yourself on the deepest levels, while also “knowing” others and why they behave the way they do

  • Learn to facilitate conversations, conflicts, and triggered moments with competency & confidence


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"I've never met a more embodied teacher, this woman walks her talk because she practices what she teaches. And it's so obvious in how she holds you and how she teaches."
- Lindsey Friedman, CEO of Jetty Extracts

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CENTER is designed for two purposes:

 If you are studying in CENTER for your own personal transformation…

  •  This is the ultimate pre-requisite, foundational ground for advanced healing modalities, inner work, and mystical self discovery.

  •  Learn to give exquisite self-care to yourself, using tools that rejuvenate, awaken, and refresh your core-level stress points.

  •  If you hesitate to facilitate challenging conversations & address sensitive (yet necessary) topics, but you want to feel open, equipped, competent, and ready.

  •  You want a guide for the entire foundational map of personal development & emotional mastery — from nervous system regulation, somatic education, practices for daily use, spiritual awakening, conflict resolution, and understanding relationship dynamics.

  •  You understand the raw necessity of caring for yourself (boundaries, energy leaks, healthy relationships) — and are done leaving yourself on the back-burner.
This sounds perfect for me

If you are studying in CENTER to enhance your facilitation skills with clients…

  •  First and foremost, you understand the importance of “energetic hygiene” and want to use CENTER to learn how to give from a “full cup” to your clients.

  •  You’re supporting others (in work, relationship, and life) — helping, healing, training — yet, you feel dis-regulated, on the edge of burnout, and you don’t feel supported yourself.

  •  You want education on emotional mastery, from both the practical/grounded AND the mystical/spiritual standpoints.

  •  You understand that the deeper you go within yourself, the deeper you can take your clients — and you feel it’s time to go deeper.

  •  You want to learn maps, frameworks, modalities, & skills to enhance your toolkit when working with clients & yourself.

  •  How to effectively navigate conflict and personal triggers that may arise while working with clients.

This sounds like what I need

The Center Curriculum

Get lifetime access to;

The Daily Practice Library

This comprehensive online course comes with a library of video and audio practices designed to provide you with a diverse collection of self-regulation practices and guided processes, encompassing breathwork, somatic tools, presence cultivation for mind body connection, meditation, journal prompts, and more.

In the daily practice library you will discover a treasure trove of resources aimed at nurturing and developing your well-being. Whether you are seeking moments of calm, enhanced focus, or personal growth, this archive offers a wide range of tools to support you on your journey as you move through the modules.

In the daily practice library you will find...

  • Somatic practices that work with the nervous system to calm your energy, move stuck emotions, and center your self in stressful moments.
  • Breathwork practices to change your state, cultivate grounded presence, and bring balance and clarity to your inner chaos.
  • Meditations to cultivate an ongoing mind body connection.
  • Hypnosis to create somatic centeredness
  • NLP practices, journal prompts, and thought experiments that open new doors of awareness to how you see yourself, your relationships, and your life.



The Secret Approach to Inner Success

There are ways to approach transformative journeys that lead you towards feeling fulfilled, whole, and clear, and there are ways that keep you trapped in a cycle of endless healing and suffering.

In this module I show you how to stop the process of endless suffering before it starts.

you'll learn things like...

  • How to stop being addicted to fixing yourself and start enjoying the journey of self knowledge and self discovery
  • Ego death, spiritual crisis, and how to avoid the pitfalls that get brought up when moving through seasons of deep inner work.
  • How to weave lightness, levity, and play into deep internal work, and why it's imperative.
  • The differences between moving through something and spiritually bypassing it and how to avoid using spiritual work to hurt yourself and your growth.

Unveiling the Body's Language: Somatics 101

Everyone and their mom is talking about somatics, but so many people are stuck in the >mind<  explaining the science of embodiment without the EMBODIMENT part. Lucky for you - I teach both the brain science and embodiment alongside each other.

In this module you will....

  • Learn why you may get stuck in cycles of addiction to work, screens, or substances, why you can't stop scrolling, checking your partners phone, and other unsavory habits that leave you feeling worse in the long run.
  • Explore the intricate landscape of your nervous system in a grounded and  embodied way - and see what all the nervous system fuss is about once and for all.
  • Harness the power to regulate, balance, and navigate life's ups and downs with grace and resilience.
  • Understand other people's systems (clients included) and how they may be alike or differing to your own.

You'll finish this module with an entirely new outlook on the world, others, and how to show up in deeper and more powerful service to yourself and those around you.


The Elixir of Innocence:

Getting the Adult Mind to Embrace the Forgotten Child

Maybe you go from calm agitated every time you talk to a certain family member, or maybe you know you should stop yelling at your partner in an argument but you are compelled to keep driving your point home.  Or maybe dating has you feeling fear or anxiousness every time you're out. In all of these scenarios - you are likely AGE REGRESSING.

In this module you will learn to...

  • Explore the parts of yourself that come into play during triggers, and learn to create lucidity instead of being taken over by your emotional storms.
  • Find the parts of inner child work that you've likely skipped over
  • Learn why you age regress when we are emotionally triggered and what to do about it
  • Start to bring maturity into the places you get stuck in and create an internal "systems update" in your psychology, body, and mentality to your emotional processing journey.

This is the process of reconnecting with the parts of you which may have been influenced or overshadowed by societal conditioning, traumas, or other external factors. In this process you will find an immense bounty of hidden wisdom as to what is ACTUALLY going on when blow-ups, frenzies, and freezes occur, and what to do about it.


Taming the Wild Tides: Trigger Mastery

I've got a secret for you : hidden under your fatigue, your frenzies, explosive or implosive trigger patterns is sweet sweet power - YOUR power. Honing that power is a massive key to liberation and freedom.

In this module you will...

  • Find the hidden patterns of why these same challenge keep arising.
  • Create a birds eye view map of the cycles of impulsive reactions so that you see them more clearly for what they are.
  • Learning to catch yourself and gain control when you're about to get ramped up or shut down & redirecting the power held in your triggers.
  • Discover powerful techniques to identify, understand, and redirect triggers into grounded focus & inner wisdom.

Meta Mapping: 

Ending Vicious Cycles & moving into Victorious Cycles

Sometimes what you are hitting is not about the reactionary emotions, but about deeper more hidden states of your identity, relationship to others, and relationship to life itself.

In this module you'll learn...

  • A system you can plug in to get more clear on any ongoing reoccurring situations.
  • Catching your default disempowering paradigms (DDP's), how they seep into your life and hide in your habits, and how to reroute them into new states of seeing, being, and relating to yourself, life, and others.
  • How to create new ways of relating to your body, your emotions, your identity, and your actions to shift the ongoing cycles from challenges into victories.

You'll finish this module with an immense amount of clarity moving forward in life.


The Intimacy Principal:

Mastering Communication & Hard Conversations

Triggers don't happen in isolated spaces - they often happen through interaction.

So.. what do you do when that's occuring?

In this module you will learn

  • How to listen to others without reacting defensively or offensively
  • Create containers for conversations to occur in where there is a shared interest to find solutions where everyone wins
  • How to know when its appropriate to be more assertive or YANG and when to be more open and receptive.

You'll leave this module with a toolkit for challenging conversations in all areas of life. And ultimately - how to get what you want from them.

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Center gets you access to...

  • 15+ hours of training video content, tutorials, PDFs and somatic protocols
  • A simple approach to emotional healing and nervous system regulation that works.
  • Breaking free from self-defeating habits and cultivate healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Create more energy, clarity, and ease, and live with less constant ups and downs.
  • Feel at peace with yourself and truly trust your body.
  • Devote to yourself with a path towards more harmony in life as you build what matters most to you.
  • Navigate conflict with more empowerment, lucidity and grounded presence.
  • Maintain & nourish your own well-being while creating a safe space for your clients' healing and growth at the same time.
I'm ready!

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CENTER investment:

$497 for the next 48 hours

code @ checkout: REGULATEME

  • 25+ hours of training video content, tutorials, PDFs and somatic protocols 
  • An entire somatic, breathwork, meditation, and energetic practice library with new content added monthly.
  • 6 full modules about emotional regulation, nervous system healing, and conflict resolution.
  • Over 58 videos of training content that you can revisit and explore at any time.
  • Lifetime access to all material within the course
So, who is teaching you all of this?

Hey, I'm Jessica Benstock

I am a lifetime avid student, therapeutic, energetic, and somatic healing practitioner, and a lovingly fierce and direct mentor & teacher.

I have a fiery hunger for transformation and overcoming the challenges in self mastery, energy optimization and trauma resolution. I have spent the past 14 years devoted to learning, practicing, teaching and facilitating this work. ( know, back when it was weird and people called you crazy for doing it ;)

Born into a line of western medicine doctors, my chosen field has been the inner workings of human emotions, the subconscious mind, mental health, breath work, subtle energies,  interpersonal communication, visionary leadership  and the transformation of consciousness.

My career path started in the branch of mindfulness and alternative therapies at age 18 where I took my first extensive training in all four veins of Hypnotherapy and graduated as the youngest person to ever attend The Alchemy Institute of Hypnotherapy.

From there I studied and, for many years, taught different techniques for subconscious targeting and reprogramming of unhealthy belief systems, imprinted traumas, and underlying patterns of self sabotage. This included, but was not limited to, addiction repatterining, relationship dynamics, state change practices, breath work, nonviolent communication, anger therapies, sexual de-repression and trauma healing.

Along side this from 2012-2016 I also sought out and sat at the feet of many indigenous elders & studied shamanic practices and therapies utilizing healing techniques, herbs, and plants to aid in healing. 

From 2017-2020, I focused my continued study at the Clairvision School of meditation & spent close to three years studying the western estoeric path of meditation and the inner alchemy of subtle body building. I am still a student there today.

In my professional practice I currently work 1 on 1 with female entrepreneurs and executives on leadership, team navigation, and emotional & psychological processing.

My current practitioner training school for coaches and aspiring coaches & leaders is called the Phoenix Path Coaching Institute of Transformational Arts. It is a mixture of trauma informed techniques used to work in a holistic way with the core of issues held in the body, the subconscious, the psyche, and the energy of your clients while maintaining professional containers.

"Jessica has an eloquent professional intelligence, and spiritual maturity which is direct yet always makes you feel wonderfully bright, held, seen, understood, and SAFE. She a living embodiment of unconditional love and very grounded, clear, actionable guidance."

- Aya Dunnin

"Jessica is one of the few people I choose to receive healing sessions from because of her true dedication to her own inner work, impeccable discernment, and her work with students and clients.  She is able to pinpoint exact blockages with masterful skill, and has a very unique way of using language—both listening intently, and speaking with clarity."

- Elisa Segal

"This is the best online course I course I have ever invested in. My personal practice, client practice, and my marriage have all been impacted in such a powerful and positive way by everything i have learned in CENTER. I'm really grateful for everything Jessica put into it.

- Victoria Varanasi

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